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What To Do If the IRS Audits Your Tax Return

Bankruptcy - An Accountant's Viewpoint

Latest IRS Targets - Cash Based Businesses

Casualty Losses & the IRS

So You Owe the IRS Money!

Garbage In - Garbage Out Or Corresponding With the IRS Computer

Private Delivery Service

EIC Due Diligence Requirements For Paid Preparers

Economic Reality Audits

Mandatory Electronic Federal Tax Deposits

IRS Computers And You

Employee Or Contractor? - "The Definition is Changing -- Again!

Flexi-Place - IRS Employees Office at Home

IRS Information Super Highway

Stop! Protect Yourself From the IRS!

Hazards Of Not Filing And Where To Go For Help

Can't Pay the IRS - What Are Your Options?

Home Office Deduction - Is It Dead?

How To Get Into IRS Trouble -- Quick

Do You Keep Records For Yourself Or For Uncle Sam?

Contractor vs. Employee - Section 530 Relief

Business Meal, Travel & Entertainment Deductibility Checklist

Failure To Provide TIN

Avoiding IRS Traps

Deductible Foreign Travel

IRS Cautions On Abusive Trusts

What You Need to Know About the IRS & Other Tax Savings Hints for 1997 & Beyond

GRETA P. HICKS, CPA and former IRS manager, concentrates in solutions to IRS problems and advises business and tax professional on IRS policies and procedures. Ms Hicks is owner of TAX SOLUTIONS, Inc., a company providing educational materials and programs on solutions to IRS problems and is a nationally known speaker and writer on solutions to IRS problems. To arrange for consultation contact: Greta's web site:


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