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Newland's Business Notes - List of Articles
Dan Newland


The Tax & Business Professionals, Inc.

Tax and Business Insights - List of Articles
Max Klinger


It has been noted that oral contracts are not worth the paper they are written on. This jocular statement is a different way of saying, "Get it in writing." Sound advice. But not all written contracts are the same. If you want a well-written contract, you should call Newland & Associates.

In addition to preparing contracts, dealing with both routine and unusual business problems are some of the specialties of Dan Newland, the founder of Newland & Associates, P.L.C. and The Tax and Business Professionals, Inc. Like many business lawyers with a tax background, Dan handles a wide range of legal problems:

  • Business and Tax Litigation
  • Business Formation and Related Planning
  • Sales and Purchases of Businesses
  • Employment Agreements and Related Planning
  • Covenants Not to Compete
  • Corporate Mergers
  • Employee Incentive Arrangements
  • Estate Planning for Businesses
  • Trusts
  • Administrative Law
  • Tax Matters

You can avoid many pitfalls or recurring business problems by practicing "preventative" law; for instance, protecting trade secrets before disclosing them to a visitor or not allowing employees to have access to customer lists and trade secrets without a "covenant not to compete." The key is not the documentation, but rather the planning for the documentation. Oral contracts, while legal, are often the end product of a failure to plan and think constructively.

Newland & Associates will help you think your business problems through and translate the solutions into appropriate contracts, wills, or covenants not to compete.

Key employees will leave and become competitors. Business owners can become incapacitated or die. When it happens, it's too late to wonder "What are we going to do now?" Let Newland & Associates help you prepare appropriate legal documents to ensure your business survives these and other contingencies.

Delivering Services Nationwide

Dan specializes in new and different ways to deliver business planning services to professionals. His services are sought nationwide. In fact, what brought Dan Newland and Max Klinger, the head of the Colorado office, to this area in 1987 was the formation of The Tax and Business Professionals (T&BP). T&BP is a unique "specialist for hire" created to provide attorneys and tax professionals with specialized resources for research and planning.

Together, Newland & Associates and Tax and Business Professionals leverage computers and new communications technologies to improve the way professionals practice and interact. We are "wired" into the latest information resources and communications tools, to serve you faster, more accurately, and more effectively.

If you need sound business advice, need to do estate planning, or have a tax problem, give us a call.

(703) 330-0000 or (800) 553-6613      (703) 330-0000 or (800) 553-6613
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Published jointly by The Tax & Business Professionals, Inc. and the law firm of Newland & Associates as a service to their clients.

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For a full range of business law and tax-related services, call the law firm of Newland & Associates at (703) 330-0000.

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While designed to be accurate, this publication is not intended to constitute the rendering of legal, accounting, or other professional services or to serve as a substitute for such services.


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