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Volume 10 Issue 4

July/Aug 1998

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In the May/June issue, we mentioned that we may have to curtail sending this newsletter to some readers simply because we have not heard from them in a while. Happily, many readers wrote or called and asked not to be removed from the list.

Quite a few respondents also asked for additional information about us, The Tax and Business Professionals, Inc. (T&BP) Apparently, some of our readers initially contacted us so long ago that they have forgotten what we do, other than send out free newsletters! These free bimonthly newsletters began about four years ago and are designed as a way to keep in touch with those professionals who have contacted us. Incidentally, the comments we have received about the newsletters have been very encouraging.

If you have not saved back issues of Tax & Business Insights, but remember that a particular subject was discussed in one of our newsletters, you can now see it again on the Web. We are located at From our homepage, you can link to all of our newsletters in their entirety, as well as more. In the future, we hope to expand our Web site to bring you more information pertinent to a wider range of tax issues and business planning.

The Web site will also soon include more information about T&BP, as well as sample work products. As you may have guessed, most of our cases are challenging because if the answers were obvious or easy to find, our clients would do the work themselves!

What you may not know is that we handle a lot of the more difficult "What if .... ?" or "How do you do that?" type of planning problems. Some examples might be:

  • Mr. X, a trustee of local Swaverly College, wants to give a valuable piece of land owned by his "S" corporation to Swaverly. His accountant calls and wants to know, "Which would be best - a gift of "S" stock, or the land - or some other alternative?"
  • A Japanese equipment manufacturer establishes a business in Virginia and needs help with state and local tax questions. The company's C.P.A. calls us for help.
  • "How do I advise my client about like-kind exchanges?," a C.P.A. in Bedford, MA, asked. After discussing the basic principles by telephone, we faxed copies of our newsletters on that subject to him.

We often are asked something like, "My client received an IRS 30-Day letter, and we can't decide if it makes better sense to: (1) ask that a 90-Day letter (Notice of Deficiency) be issued; (2) go to Appeals; or (3) attempt to deal with the IRS Revenue Agent and his supervisor, now."

Since the founders of T&BP have been litigating tax cases for 30 years (most recently through Newland & Associates, PLC, a law firm owned by the same persons), we can assist in this and other litigation areas.

Chris Green, a C.P.A. in Texas, recently asked for our assistance in evaluating the tax treatment of a proposed merger among several medical corporations that were conducting a medical practice through a partnership.

Recently, Hector Rivera, C.P.A. of New York City called about a corporate liquidation question. An attorney had apparently advised their mutual client on the basis of the long-repealed IRS Code Section 337. We were able to provide guidance and charged Hector for a half hour of work.

To illustrate the range of the subject areas we deal with, within the last year alone we have handled questions involving the following tax areas:

  • The tax consequences of a complex divorce settlement agreement and ensuing litigation to change its terms;
  • The best method of reporting salary payments made by a foreign parent corporation to foreign workers residing in the U.S. and working for a U.S. subsidiary;
  • The planning alternatives and tax consequences for employees participating in stock option plans;
  • Planning alternatives for a group of consolidated corporations that wished to restructure and stop filing consolidated returns;

For our clients who are attorneys, we also provide wide range of legal research, litigation assistance, planning, and analysis in virtually all business, commercial law, and tax areas.

Our hourly fees range from $150 to $165. When appropriate and permissible, the law firm of Newland & Associates, PLC can, if requested, provide document preparation and legal opinions on tax and business matters.

Usually, we quote a budget and get a retainer from new users. We always try to take the necessary information by phone rather than forcing you to prepare something in writing, although sometimes we do need to see relevant documents.

We hope this newsletter gives you a better idea about our company. The important thing to keep in mind the next time you need help with a difficult or unusual matter is that in addition to research we provide tax and business planning, advice and guidance.

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