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Robert G. Nath is an attorney who has concentrated for over 30 years in IRS and other tax matters, and is nationally recognized as an authority on tax matters. He represents and advises taxpayers, accountants, and attorneys on tax procedure and controversy matters, is the tax author of the tax book "The Unofficial Guide to Dealing with the IRS" (Macmillan), has written articles for law reviews and other publications, has been interviewed for and quoted in numerous national publications, and has appeared in radio and television programs. He is a former U.S. Army Reserve Green Beret officer.

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Jack Warren Wade, Jr. Owner and President of National Tax Services, Inc. Former IRS Revenue Officer, Author of: "When You Owe the IRS," Macmillan, "Audit-Proofing Your Tax Return," Macmillan, "How to Reduce Your Withholding and Increase Your Take-Home Pay," Macmillan, and "The Power to Tax, A Critical Look at IRS's Collection Policies," National Taxpayers Legal Fund. Also authored 76 articles on IRS Practices and Procedures published in monthly issues of "Tax Savings Report", a newsletter published by the National Taxpayers Union.

Fred Daily A San Francisco tax lawyer, writer and tax professor, Fred Daily is author of "Stand Up to the IRS", Nolo Press, and "Tax Savvy for Small Business". He is also regularly quoted in financial and legal publications.

List of Articles by Fred Daily

Charles McCabe, is President and CEO of Peoples Income Tax, which operates tax preparation offices throughout central-Virginia and provides income tax school and tax practice management systems to independent tax firms nationwide. He is co-author of two nationally distributed books on career education for adults and numerous articles on adult education, income tax and management. His articles have been published in magazines including Nations Business, the NATP Tax Practitioners Journal and the NSPA National Public Accountant. He has taught income tax preparation and small business management as an adjunct faculty member of several colleges.

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Tax & Business Professionals & Newland & Associates: Dan Newland & Max Klinger. Listed below is a link to the articles published by Tax & Business Professionals and by Newland & Associates. These articles pertain to matters dealing with the IRS, effective tax planning and small business management.

List of "Tax & Business Insights"Articles
List of "Newland's Business Notes"Articles

Greta P. Hicks, CPA and former IRS manager, concentrates on solutions to IRS problems and advises businesses and tax professionals on IRS policies and procedures. She has written 10 self-study books, numerous articles, and is a nation-wide public speaker on the subject of "Solving IRS Problems". Ms. Hicks is owner of TAX SOLUTIONS, Inc. with offices in Houston and Olmito, TX.

List of Articles by Greta P. Hicks

Burton J. Haynes. A tax lawyer in Burke, Virginia. From 1973 to 1981 he served as a Special Agent with the IRS Criminal Investigations Division, and in 1980 was named "Criminal Investigator of the Year" by the Association of Federal Investigators. He specializes in civil and criminal tax disputes and litigation, and the tax aspects of bankruptcy and divorce.

List of Articles by Burton J. Haynes

Theodore "Ted" Kleinman, CPA is a Certified Public Accountant with 20 years diversified business experience, who specializes in international taxation preparation and planning. His public accounting experience includes auditing, tax planning and preparation, and management advisory services in diversified industries from real estate development and construction to manufacturing, service, and professional corporations.

List of Articles by Theodore "Ted" Kleinman, CPA

Lita Epstein enjoys helping people develop wise financial strategies, to improve their current situation as well as plan for their future needs. She spends most of her time developing personal finance books, as well as designing and teaching online courses on topics such as investing for retirement, tax strategies, and finance and investing for women.

List of Articles by Lita Epstein

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