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9 Ways to Avoid Estate Taxes
Author: Albin Renauer
Pages: 250
List Price: $29.95
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  • Summary
    This book presents nine major methods people can use to avoid, or reduce, Federal estate taxes.
    Estate taxes are the taxes that kick in when an individual's estate, or a couple's combined estate, exceeds $675,000. And the taxes are steep rates start at 37% and go up to 55%.
    In clear, concise terms the book explains how you can save your family money by:
    * making gifts of under $10,000
    * making gifts for tuition or medical expenses
    * giving or leaving property to a spouse
    * establishing a Bypass (AB) Trust
    * establishing a QTIP Trust
    * establishing a QDOT Trust
    * contributing to charity
    * transferring ownership of your life insurance policies
    * using disclaimers
    Written by two experts in estate planning, 9 Ways to Avoid Estate Taxes can save your family many thousands of dollars. They'll love you forever.

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