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Surviving and IRS Tax Audit
Author: Fred W. Daily
Pages: 272
List Price: $24.95
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  • Summary
    Worried about escaping an audit intact? Then you need Surviving an IRS Tax Audit.
    This Nolo book explains what to say, what to do, even what to wear, so that a visit from the auditor doesn't turn into a disaster.
    With material pulled directly from IRS training manuals, the book exposes the tricks of the auditor's trade. It provides you with a profile of People Most Likely To Be Audited (small business owners and contractors, step carefully!) and discusses whether or not the IRS can examine your ""lifestyle"" during an audit, rather than stick to the tax return.
    The book also suggests three steps to take when an unreasonable auditor goes too far.
    Nearly 50 percent of all taxpayers will be audited during their lifetime. This book levels the playing field, giving you the information you need to act and speak like a tax pro.

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