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Corporate Minutes Book: The Legal Guide to Taking Care of Corporate Business
Author: Anthony Mancuso
Pages: 608
List Price: $69.99
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  • Summary
    Forming a corporation as a small or mid-size company doesn't mean a sudden switch to cookie-cutter products and impersonal service. For the owner, incorporating spells financial flexibility, tax advantages and limited liability -- in other words, ways to stay ahead in today's competitive economy.

    The Corporate Minutes Book addresses small business owners who have formed a corporation and want to make sure it is treated that way. It offers them the answers, advice and forms they need to maintain the legal validity of their corporation before the courts and the IRS. Since minutes are the primary paper trail of a corporation's legal life, the book emphasizes when and how to prepare minutes of meetings. It also explains routine legal formalities such as how to record important business transactions, tackle formal recordkeeping and fill out a Corporate Records Book. The book offers more than 80, ready-to-use resolutions forms, both as tearouts on disk, that enable readers to approve and record the most common legal, tax and business transactions that occur in the life of a small corporation.

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