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Money Troubles: Legal Strategies to Cope with Your Debts
Author: Deanne Loonin, Richard E. Mack, and Robin Leonard
Pages: 320
List Price: $29.99
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  • Summary
    Feeling overwhelmed by your debts? This book is exactly what you need to help you get out from under them!

    Step by step, Attorneys Robin Leonard and Deanne Loonin shows you how to:

    • prioritize debts
    • create a budget
    • negotiate with creditors
    • stop collector harassment
    • challenge wage attachments
    • contend with repossessions
    • respond to creditor lawsuits
    • qualify for a mortgage
    • rebuild credit

    To make the process easier, Money Troubles also includes sample letters to creditors, as well as worksheets and charts to calculate your debts and expenses and help you create a repayment plan.

    The 8th edition is completely updated, and provides a revised chapter on property ownership and debt liability rules for married, divorced or separated couples. It also provides the latest information on credit scores.

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