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Business Know-How: An Operational Guide for Home-Based and Micro Sized Businesses with Limited Budgets
Author: Janet Attard
Pages: 389
List Price: $17.95
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  • Summary
    An Operational Guide for Home-Based and Micro-Sized Businesses with Limited Budgets.

    Starting a business is the first step. Now it's easier to make it profitable too!

    Business Know-How is a comprehensive guide to small and home business success. It tells you the strategies that owners of homebased and small businesses like yours are using today to:

    • Find customers
    • Build Sales
    • Cut costs
    • Make good use of technology
    • Make good profits
    Business Know-How is like having a personal business consultant at your fingertips.

    Business Know-How includes information on:

    • Sorting the good business ideas from the bad ones
    • Putting the Web to work in your business
    • Make a big impression on a small budget
    • Find customers without advertising
    • Get publicity
    • Get your calls returned
    • Cut costs to the bone without damaging your business
    • Get the most bang for your advertising bucks
    • Selling to Federal, State, and local Governments

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