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AIMD-99-17 November 09, 1998

Excise Taxes: Internal Control Weaknesses Affect
Accuracy of Distributions to the Trust Funds

Pursuant to a legislative requirement, GAO conducted a follow-up review of the Internal Revenue Service's (IRS) controls over its process for certifying excise taxes for distribution to the federal trust funds.

GAO noted that: (1) IRS does not have adequate controls over its process for certifying excise taxes for distribution to the federal government trust funds; (2) the lack of fundamental internal controls resulted in errors in the certifications going undetected; (3) these errors ultimately affected the amounts distributed to the trust funds during fiscal year 1997; (4) IRS' ineffective controls over the certification process resulted in undetected: (a) mistakes by taxpayers in preparing excise tax returns; (b) input errors by IRS when entering excise tax return information in its master files; and (c) errors by IRS in preparing the excise tax certifications; (5) as a result of these errors, trust funds did not receive the appropriate amount of excise tax revenue; (6) these errors are particularly important to the Highway Trust Fund, which receives over half of the excise taxes that are accounted for by IRS; (7) these weaknesses were a contributing factor in the Department of Transportation's (DOT) Inspectors General's: (a) qualified opinion on the Highway Trust Fund financial statements; (b) disclaimer of opinion on the Federal Aviation Administration's financial statements; and (c) disclaimer of opinion on DOT's consolidated financial statements; (8) the errors GAO found relating to taxpayer mistakes, IRS data input, and certification preparation could have been detected or prevented by effective IRS procedures; and (9) IRS has taken some actions to improve certain controls over the excise tax certification process.

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