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GGD-96-109 June 05, 1996

Tax Research: IRS Has Made Progress But
Major Challenges Remain

GAO reviewed the Internal Revenue Service's (IRS) tax compliance research program, focusing on: (1) the success IRS has had with its new research approach; and (2) IRS ability to implement lessons learned from its Compliance 2000 initiative.

GAO found that: (1) IRS implemented its new compliance research approach to address concerns over taxpayer noncompliance and the large gap between income taxes owed and taxes paid; (2) IRS attempted to address these concerns through Compliance 2000, but had limited success due to inadequate compliance data; (3) IRS could avoid these mistakes by establishing more support for its research, using objective compliance data, acquiring more specialized staff, developing an organizational infrastructure, and setting objective measurements; (4) IRS officials believe that this new research approach is more cost-effective, but they doubt that they will reach 90-percent compliance by 2001; (5) IRS officials are concerned that district offices will spend 85 percent of their resources on national compliance issues rather than on district-level issues; (6) IRS has made some progress in developing the Compliance Research Information System (CRIS), but it is unsure when it will become available; (7) IRS officials believe that more training is needed in specialized areas to achieve research objectives; and (8) IRS is in the process of developing tools that track and measure the success of its research projects.

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