Taxpayer Bill of Rights  

The Taxpayer Bill of Rights

Perhaps the most significant tax legislation
in the history of tax administration

Almost 20 years in the making, the Taxpayer Bill of Rights is now codified into the Internal Revenue Code. A result of numerous complaints to Congress of abusive behavior by IRS Agents, it is also the product of hard work, and courageous effort by numerous people and organizations. This section is here not only to help you understand what legislative rights and protections are available to you, but also to demonstrate how YOU can make a difference in changing things for the better. To this end, we are including the history of the Taxpayer Bill of Rights, so you can see the evolution from idea stage to Congressional passage. You'll also be able to see who the players were, what partnerships were formed, and who contributed and who didn't contribute to the process. Truly an interesting study in grass roots politics!

  • 1981 Hearings - Hearings of May 20, 1981
  • 1982 Hearings - Hearings of April 19, 1982
  • 1983 Hearings - Hearings of May 20, 1983
  • 1984 Hearings - Hearings of March 19, 1984
  • 1985 Hearings - Hearings of June 24, 1985
  • 1987 Hearings - Hearings of April & Sept of 1987
  • 1990 Hearings - Hearings of April 6th, 1990
  • 1991 Hearings - Hearings of December 10, 1991
  • 1995 Hearings - Hearings of March 24, 1995
  • 1997 Hearings - Hearings of Sept. 23 & 24 before the Senate Committee on Finance Oversight on Practices and Procedures of the IRS.
  • 1998 Hearings - Hearings before the Senate Committee on Finance Oversight on Practices and Procedures of the IRS. April 1998.
  • Lojeski - Lojeski Case: 1985-1986.
  • Power2Tax - "The Power to Tax, a Critical Look at IRS' Collection Policies." A monograph published by the National Taxpayers Legal Fund, and written by Jack Warren Wade, Jr., this guide on IRS Practices and Procedures served as the basis for the first Taxpayers' Bill of Rights.
  • JWWade - "Confessions of an IRS Agent" by Jack Warren Wade, Jr., with Jack Shafer, an article published in the April 1983 issue of Inquiry magazine and sent out on the news wire to newspapers all over the country.


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