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Publication 584 2008 Tax Year

Publication 584 - Introductory Material

Waiver of $100 and 10% of adjusted gross income limits. The $100 and 10% of adjusted gross income limits do not apply to losses of personal use property that arose in the Kansas disaster area or a Midwestern disaster area. The 10% limit does not apply to losses of personal use property attributable to federally declared disasters declared in tax years beginning after 2007 and that occur before 2010. (The $100 limit, however, does apply.) See Deduction limits later. For more information about these disasters, see Publication 547.

Increase in $100 personal casualty and theft loss limit. Generally, a personal casualty or theft loss must exceed $500 to be allowed for 2009. This is in addition to the 10% of adjusted gross income limit that generally applies to the net loss.

This workbook is designed to help you figure your loss on personal-use property in the event of a disaster, casualty, or theft. It contains schedules to help you figure the loss to your main home, its contents, and your motor vehicles. However, these schedules are for your information only. You must complete Form 4684, Casualties and Thefts, to report your loss.

How To Use This Workbook

You can use this workbook by following these five steps.

  1. Read Publication 547 to learn about the tax rules for casualties, disasters, and thefts.

  2. Know the definitions of cost or other basis and fair market value, discussed later.

  3. Fill out Schedules 1 through 20.

  4. Read the instructions for Form 4684.

  5. Fill out Form 4684 using the information you entered in Schedules 1 through 20.

Use the chart below to find out how to use Schedules 1 through 19 to fill out Form 4684.

Take what's in each row of... And enter it on Form 4684...
Column 1 Line 1
Column 2 Line 2
Column 3 Line 3
Column 4 Line 4
Column 5 Line 5
Column 6 Line 6
Column 7 Line 7
Column 8 Line 8
Column 9 Line 9

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